Toyota: El tiempo nos hace mejores

In 2015 we embarked in a very special project.

Toyota presented us with a challenge which would entail an adventure we will never forget.

This Campaign is now known as “Time makes us better.”

Throughout these years, day by day, we have portrayed the life of a real family and the world around us. This has been an unforgettable challenge for Harry and for everyone who has participated.

Today, very excited and thrilled, we share part of this story with you.

Thanks to Francisco Palma, Cristina Moreno, Sergio Huerta and the Abascal Family for making this Journey so exciting. And also thanks to all of our Team who has given their best work throughout this 5 years.

El tiempo nos hace mejores – Isabel

El tiempo nos hace mejores – Álvaro

Strategy and Creativity: Toyota, FreelanceFor and HARRY Toyota Communications General Manager: Francisco Palma Avertising & Media Senior Specialist at Toyota: Cristina Moreno Audiovisual Production: Sergio Huerta (Freelance For) Director: Ayala and Dionisio Naranjo CEO And Executive Producer/MD: Tay Sánchez Productores: Marta Pérez de Tudela and Lucas de la Rúa Junior Producer: Flor Veidez Post Production Director: Néstor Costafreda Editors: Juan Manuel Gamazo and Luis Morais Financial Director: Rocío García : Pepa Albarracín Casting Director: Andrea Isasi Assistant Director: Juan Carlos Blas Production Managers: Belén Heredia, Rodrigo Alonso de Celada and Miguel Aguirre DOP: Rafa Reparaz and Pablo Hernández Postproduction: HARRY and Luis Morais Post Production Studio: McNulty Postproducción