APCP Protocol

In order to avoid contagion, teleworking will be chosen whenever possible. For example, the meetings between producer, agency and client, briefs and PPMs will be carried out electronically.

In the case of not being able to carry out the activity from home, the protection measures recommended by the authorities will be taken.


A. Use of masks and protective gloves.


B. Frequent hand hygiene with alcoholic solutions.


C. Keep a distance of approximately 2 meters with other people.


D. Certificate that certifies work activity to facilitate urban mobility.

Workers must inform the company in case of showing symptoms.

The casting will be done electronically, being able to be self-tape (self-recorded videos by the models in their homes) and / or casting directed by video call.

For now, the administrative deadlines are suspended and, therefore, the permissions that are granted with the administration (public roads, parks, coasts, highways …). It can only be shot in private locations or sets that have been previously disinfected according to the protocol standards.

The work permission of underage is temporarily suspended throughout the national territory.

An action protocol is established in technical locations in which only the essential team leaders attend.

Wardrobe options will be presented in the PPM dossier and the selection will be made from there. The face-to-face wardrobe test will be carried out the same day of filming with only the previously selected and disinfected clothing.

A “clean shoot” scenario is established in which only the minimum essential people will participate in the filming.


A. A health person will take the temperature to each worker


B. A protocol of back ups is established in the artistic team.


C. Prevention and safety measures are established for all workers.


D. The “essential team” should not be more than 30 people from the technical team and 10 people from the artistic team. An 2 agency persons and a client person are contemplated.