Harry is a Production Company, created by professionals that have shot all over the world. Throughout our journey, we have faced many challenges, and, above all, we have lived incredible experiences. Always driven by passion and creativity, we believe in what we do.


As seasoned marketing professionals, we cherish personal relationships. Our work philosophy is based on trust, respect and professionalism. We believe good production is a result of making each project your own, and being a craftsman at your work. We believe in working as a team, paying attention to each detail and giving a 100% in each project, improving ourselves with each project.


If you come and film with us, you will find a seasoned, professional team who deeply love what they do, and who strongly believe good relationships are the basis of a work well done.


We believe that, now more than ever, we need to be creative when working on the production design. By doing so, we are able to make the best of any project. Whether it’s big or small, we make it work in the current global competitive market, without wasting money or losing quality.

This is exactly what we do with our directors for the national and international markets. Indeed, Harry provides service, but also produces for its directors, so we understand perfectly the needs of any production company that shoots abroad. We have been clients, before providing production services.

Besides the team, and a one on one attention, we offer other, very important, strong assets: Locations, talent, crew and technical resources.

With a huge location database, we can offer you within hours of your request an amazing location selection.

Casting wise, we are especially proud of what we can offer you, as it’s always been one of our strongest points; we´ve always strived (and managed) to cast good actors, with an international, multiracial look and with personality.

We are lucky to have award winning crews in Spain, with a long international experience, and regarding technical resources, we can provide you with anything you may need.  


We like to explore, to continue building our experiences and continue travelling within our own country to discover what inspires us. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where you will always feel safe, and at ease from the minute you get here.

The climate is exceptional, and the unique diversity of its landscapes is stunning and within easy reach.  

If you are thinking of coming to Spain, our team is waiting for you.

Mario will be more than happy to welcome you.

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