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Harry presents the last piece of Imanol Ruiz de Lara for Cosmo.

Toyota: Conduce como piensas


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Now, more than ever. Each of our acts counts to build the place where we want to live.

Dionisio Naranjo has directed the last campaign of  Toyota “Conduce como piensas”.                Harry production for The&Partnership

Amstel Radler: Motivado


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Amstel Radler. Everything starts with a motivated one.

Harry´s last campaign for Publips by Imanol Ruiz de Lara.


Pavofrío: Fantasmas


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Estamos felices por haber realizado la última campaña de McCann España para Pavofrío dirigida por Dionisio Naranjo.

Ron Barceló: Desalia 2018


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The world would be better if you had chosen it.

Ayala has directed McCann´s campaign for Ron Barceló Desalia 2018.

Vogue: Europa II

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Unique Women. Gamers. Women who escape to other planets . Heroines. Astronauts. Do we play Europe II?

Written and directed by Imanol Ruiz de Lara.

A production of HARRY for Vogue.

Yoigo: Pienso, luego Yoigo.

Pingüino Torreblanca

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“Pienso luego Yoigo”, a campaign of Pingüino Torreblanca for Yoigo directed by Imanol Ruiz de Lara and produced by Harry.



UNICEF: Regalo Azul


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Ayala directed “Blue Present”, the last campaign of J. Walter Thompson Spain for UNICEF that we produced in Harry. Here you can watch the first spot.

Viceroy: Tío Antonio y Tía Carmen


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How important it is to get the Christmas present …

Harry  produced McCann’s last campaign for Viceroy, directed by Dionisio Naranjo.

Svv: All Under Control

Tbd Zurich

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All Under Control the last Pep Bosch work for SVV.

We love it!

Erste Bank: Better Me

Jung Von Matt Wien

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Pep Bosch directed Better Me, the last campaign for Erste Bank.

Bankia: De Acuerdo


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It has been a real pleasure to have produced CLV‘s last campaign for BANKIA, directed by Dionisio Naranjo.

We never agree…

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Good stories are always found.

Welcome Albert (Pep Bosch, Johan Kramer, Mea Dols De Jong y From Form)!

Pavofrío: Deliciosa Calma


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Deliciosa Calma” by Pavofrío, Harry’s latest production for McCann directed by Dionisio Naranjo.

A balanced society also helps reduce stress.