Cesc Gay

Barcelona, 1967

Cesc is a cinema director, screenwriter and theatrical author. After studying cinema and debuting in New York as director with Hotel Room, in 2000 he adapted for cinema the theatrical piece Krámpack.

He confesses that he doesn´t like to speak in public. His films speaks for him; his work talks about generational portraits where dialogues revolve around the current disorientation, family difficulties and male conflicts to express feelings.

“In the city” is a film with which he achieved global recognition for his work and since the he has shoot: Ficción (Fiction), A gun in each hand, VOS … and in 2015 he did Truman, a film that was awarded: best film, best original script and better director.

He has recently written and directed his first play Els veins de dalt (The Neighbors Above).

In his work, actors performation is everything, submerging the spectator in credible and moving situations.